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Punterspride , designed for all the Punters who can afford to have horse racing ratings --- FREE !!!

Punterspride was designed for everybody out there who would like to make money on horse racing.

These ratings are purely worked out for horses to be placed. Don't get me wrong , there are some big winners that get kicked out by the software. I use my ratings for place betting only on Betfair. I purchased a mathematical system on the net ( That works ) and that inspired me to work something out to get at least a horse placed in each and every race.

Please remember that this website is not a tipping service like all the others out there. I just supply the ratings to you FREE of charge for you to use to your own discression. 

Ratings will be posted on the forum section of this website to all persons who register with the forum. We have been running this website since June 2006 and the ratings have returned excellent results.

All you ave to do to view the FREE ratings is to click on the FORUM button and become a member. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be able to access our ratings without hassle.

Ratings will be displayed from Monday to Saturday. There will be no ratings on a Sunday.

If you would like to view all of the previous results you can do so by clicking on the selected page and view them.

The daily results for the top rated horses will be displayed in the scrolling bar on top of this webpage.